Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Jenny says:

I found out that Joslin in Nevada was using the picture temporarily while they were trying to get the brochure together. They never meant to use it externally. Joslin was just excited about this new technology and had a lot of people asking them questions. They were going to use this flyer as a tool to answer some of their patients' questions.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Taking a photo from this blog

Jenny says:
I had someone contact me to tell me that they saw Tommy's tummy photo from this blog on a Joslin (Nevada) flyer. They said that it was a flyer that compared the DexCom to the Guardian RT. They said that the caption under it said adult male with Guardian RT. Tommy is a 60 pound 11 year old. I am a little put off by it. They didn't ask permission and then they incorrectly portrayed the Guardian RT size because of it. I'm sure the DexCom looked very small compared to the Guardian RT. As soon as I verify that it really is his stomach, I will be writing them a letter requesting that they remove the flyers. I am not sure how protected our photos are that are on this blog? Does anyone know?

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Jenny says:
Yikes! The end of the school year sure ate up a lot of time! Is anyone still interested in reading this blog?

We are very excited still about the Guardian RT. I just went to hear an endocrinologist speak about all the crazy stuff that happens during puberty. I am happy that we can slip in the sensors whenever we feel it to be worthwhile.

The other day, Tommy was priming his pump, and he accidentally primed an extra 8-12 units into his body. (Mom's Fault.) Tommy gets 15 units a day and has a sensitivity of 200 units, so 8-10 units at once is a little scary. Medtronic advised us to go to the emergency room, but the endo on call thought we were armed with everything that we needed with the Guardian RT. So, we knew when he was on his third grape pop and he was still at 70 that we needed to continue with the carbs. It was 6 hours before we saw 120.

We continue to negotiate reimbursement with our insurance company. They are still asking questions which I think is promising.

We are getting excited to upgrade to the new 522 pump. We may even have it by the end of June! Tommy is excited to lose the extra monitor.