Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Jenny says:
Yikes! The end of the school year sure ate up a lot of time! Is anyone still interested in reading this blog?

We are very excited still about the Guardian RT. I just went to hear an endocrinologist speak about all the crazy stuff that happens during puberty. I am happy that we can slip in the sensors whenever we feel it to be worthwhile.

The other day, Tommy was priming his pump, and he accidentally primed an extra 8-12 units into his body. (Mom's Fault.) Tommy gets 15 units a day and has a sensitivity of 200 units, so 8-10 units at once is a little scary. Medtronic advised us to go to the emergency room, but the endo on call thought we were armed with everything that we needed with the Guardian RT. So, we knew when he was on his third grape pop and he was still at 70 that we needed to continue with the carbs. It was 6 hours before we saw 120.

We continue to negotiate reimbursement with our insurance company. They are still asking questions which I think is promising.

We are getting excited to upgrade to the new 522 pump. We may even have it by the end of June! Tommy is excited to lose the extra monitor.


Scott K. Johnson said...

Thanks for the update! And yes, we are interested in reading.

I've said it before, and will say it again! That's the great thing about blogging - you do it when you can, and there is no obligation. We'll read whatever you post whenever you get to it.

Scary situation with the extra insulin! Glad you worked through it and everything is Ok.

Sandra Miller said...

So glad to hear from you!

Jenny, don't ever worry about folks losing interest. We'll be here whenever you're able to post. (I know exactly what you mean about things getting busy at the end of the school year :-)

Wow, what a scare getting all that insulin must have been. I would have been a wreck! But man, did that situation ever illustrate the value of CGMS.

Very happy Tommy is okay!

And hey, Joseph says "Hi" to Tommy (he was very pleased when he saw your comment on my blog).

Let's try to get these boys together again sometime this summer...

Tommy said...

Gee! You guys are so nice. I thought for sure everyone probably just gave up on me!

Anonymous said...

Interested in reading? You have GOT to be kidding! To date, you are the only parent who is blogging about CBGM, although I know a few parents are testing out these systems. You and Tommy are doing all of us a great service by testing CBGM out. I know it can't be too comfortable wearing two sites all the time. Please let us know, if you can, the comfort level Tommy has wearing CGBM. Minimed's model has an awful long needle. I am interested in the Minimed pump and am very excited about the Navigator which should be out by the end of the year. Navigator has a much smaller introducer needle. I know Minimed promised to reduce size of needle and sensor. Keep us updated. I look at your blog a couple of times a week, and I'm grateful for anything you have to impart. I don't expect you to blog, but I'm grateful when you do.

Tommy said...

Jenny says:
Tommy is O.K. with wearing it. I have however a few times rewarded him $1.00 a day for wearing it. Once it is on him, there are very few complaints. Complaints at first were definitely sensor related. Now it is just like inserting the pump infusion set. The long needle does not bother Tommy because it goes in at a 45 degree angle. The Navigator goes in at a 90 degree angle. That could not work for my skinny boy.
Soon he will have the 522, with Carelink graphs, and one less monitor!!!

Megan said...

Yes I am still interested. Glad to see you posting again.

Anonymous said...
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crazylilboysx2 said...

I just had my new pump and CBGM sent to me. I as hoping you would not mind teaching me how to set the CBGM system up. I have used a pump for years. My MiniMed rep is on vacation for 2 eeks. I feel it is crucial to me health to start using it right away. Please Help