Thursday, June 15, 2006

Taking a photo from this blog

Jenny says:
I had someone contact me to tell me that they saw Tommy's tummy photo from this blog on a Joslin (Nevada) flyer. They said that it was a flyer that compared the DexCom to the Guardian RT. They said that the caption under it said adult male with Guardian RT. Tommy is a 60 pound 11 year old. I am a little put off by it. They didn't ask permission and then they incorrectly portrayed the Guardian RT size because of it. I'm sure the DexCom looked very small compared to the Guardian RT. As soon as I verify that it really is his stomach, I will be writing them a letter requesting that they remove the flyers. I am not sure how protected our photos are that are on this blog? Does anyone know?


Anonymous said...

Very disturbing that someone is sending out photos of your son for ANY purpose. Since these are established companies, and they are not going anywhere, you may be able to threaten legal action. I would think you would have a case; however, I am not a lawyer. I might be tempted to take any photos showing direct shots of his face off the website. If I had a shot of a tummy, I would try to make sure they could not identify whose tummy it was. You have an important and valuable message to get across. And you and Tommy are very brave to do so. But there are so many people out there that you cannot trust. If I took a photo, I would take it from the back -- or from an angle where they could not identify him. A lot of bloggers publish their children's photos; it is very common. I guess I just don't trust the general public.

JasonJayhawk said...

I would suggest placing a visible watermark (not digital) on your photos that perhaps indicate the blog site web address in a good visible portion of the photo. This would prevent people from chopping the visible watermark to just steal the part of the image that they want.

Anonymous said...

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