Saturday, May 19, 2007

Inserted sensor while he was sleeping!

The sensor is in. He didn't even wake up! I put numbing cream on his stomach at 5:15 am. I took it off at 6:15. I inserted the sensor and then attached the minilink. Programmed his pump. And he is still sleeping!

I wonder how much he will complain in the morning? I printed off a sheet of his carelink reports from his meter in case he complains too much. (In the last two weeks he has been high 65% of the time.)

The first time he used the minilink, he did not put tape over it. He wore it for a day and a half. I guess you don't have to put tape on it, but you can if it seems to be catching on things. This time, I put a IV300 over it. Maybe it will last longer.

Now, I need a nap.


Anonymous said...

Wow! This is amazing! I have never had the guts to do a site change while she was asleep for fear she would rear up. Yes, EMLA is a great help. Nice to have the continuous monitor to help you in times of need.

Jenny said...

I have worried in the past too about Tommy sleepily swatting my hands or sitting up, but we haven't had that happen yet. I have in the past given shots and changed his pump in his sleep. I think I could catch him if he started to move. I have had to tell him not to move when I have woken him up with a pump changes sometimes. And then he falls back to sleep.

Amy said...
We have changed our 4 year old's pump through the night for the past 6 months now... what a difference! He typically doesn't wake up either, and if he does, he is back to sleep in minutes. I am curious what numbing cream you have used... we have not found one that works well.


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