Friday, February 24, 2006

Hook-up conclusion: none!

Jenny says:

Well, here we go! Looks a bit overkill doesn't it?The 6 million dollar man comes to mind. He just needs his phone and his ipod hanging from his waist now. (Tommy took this photo while I was at work last night.)

The conclusion. None at this point. We covered many emotions yesterday. We both had many different feelings usually not at the same time. We were excited, fearful, happy, proud, anxious, disappointed, amazed, bored, annoyed, satisfied, and ecstatic.

More details later because I seem to be running many different directions right at the moment. But by the way, at 9:30 a.m., Tommy was 156 and dropping quickly. (That part of it is amazing!) I went and checked on him at school. The class was having a snack anyways. So it was good timing.


gina said...

Can you wear one for three days and send it back? For free?

Shannon said...

I'm so excited to read about what happens in the coming days, weeks, months. I love that Tommy provides his point of view as well.

Ellen said...

What a cute outie ;-). What a brave bionic kid. I hope he's happy with it. I think it would be very difficult to wear all of that and not be able to make insulin dose decisions based on the output.

Tommy said...

Jenny says:
I think that our rep. just let me use one because I told her that I would be inserting a sensor before Tommy did. I did that with the first Silhouette for his pump and it seemed to help. However, I do know that this rep. was trying her hardest to get the medical staff to try one out. Many were signed up to wear one. You might just want to ask Medtronic and your doctor's office.

The FDA says that you can't dose off of the numbers, and Medtronic cautions against it, but I am not sure yet that conservative micro dosings can't be made. There certainly has been value in seeing which way the numbers are going.

Thanks for reading our blog! I am going to try to get Tommy to enter a post tomorrow. I might have to do it interview style, so feel free to add any questions that you'd like him to answer.

julia said...

It would be cool if Tommy could answer a few questions. I'm going to have Olivia take a look at this blog tonight and she may have a question or two.

Cara Lloyd-Roberts said...

Hi My name is Cara I am 10 years old and soon about to start with an insulin pump. I live in Wales, UK. I think you are really brave and my mum and I enjoyed reading bits from your diary. Good Luck