Thursday, March 23, 2006

Armed and Dangerous!

Jenny says:
We are winning the war today over the breakfast spike. We have been battling without the Guardian RT for 2 weeks to try to figure out this extreme spike on Tommy's breakfast. At his 9:30 test, he is usually in the 300, so I have been inching down his carb ratio and giving him his insulin 20 minutes before he eats! And still always 300 or higher (which means all the other kids are eating snack and he is not.) But today, he is armed and dangerous! He has on the Guardian RT!!! At 9:00, I stopped in school, pulled him out of his classroom and into the hall and had him read his monitor. 180! Ah-ha. "Wait, tell me what it was 5 minutes ago." "174, 168, 165." Here starts the climb. Well not today!!! We told his pump that he was 175 (a little cushion) and then told it that he was going to eat 28 carbs (he eats at 9:30). So the pump gave him 1.9 units. I told Tommy that we are going to win today! And he walked back into his classroom with a big smile!

I am going to go back and check things out at lunchtime. I am being a little more aggressive than normal because we have a back up. However, we turned the alarms off for today because I need Tommy to get used to wearing it first, alarms later. (He said that on trial #2 of the Guardian RT the alarm went off several times in school and it was a little embarrassing.) This process is definitely on a learning curve just like everyone told us!

Our Medtronic Rep. is coming to Tommy's school today to talk with Tommy and the school secretary. Tommy really likes her, so I think that it will help.


Megan said...

So how did it work out?

Tommy said...

Jenny says:
Megan, thanks for asking! He was able to eat snack because he was 150 and going down! We won this time!!!

Megan said...

Awesome, good job!

Thomas said...

This is awesome... I'm really glad to hear of this technology working out! I am 24, and have had diabetes since I was 8! I just got my FIRST PUMP in the mail today, and it is compatible with the new Real-Time system. I'm going to become a faithful reader of this blog to keep me up to date on all the new and exciting stuff! I'm really looking forward to the pump/RT system helping me through the hectic schedule of my 3rd and 4th year of medical school! All the best to you!