Wednesday, March 22, 2006

We tried again!

Jenny says:
Well, we took a little break since our last attempt to insert a sensor. Last night I asked Tommy if he was ready to try again, and he said that he was! We decided to try manually this time rather than with a Sens-serter. It went better. I think a lot of people like the inserters better than manual insertion, but for us we feel that it is easier to get a consistent angle. It seems less likely to be surprised by a painful insertion. Tommy is unusually thin.

I decided to insert another sensor into my skin just to see what it felt like with a manual insertion. I think it helped to have him see me do it. Both of us had a lot of trouble breaking the skin. I believe that we were inserting too slow. Once I went quicker, it went in very easily. Tommy was very hesitant, and wanted to give up. I had to tell him that we weren't giving up, and that we were going to get one of these in him tonight. He ended up poking his skin several times before he successfully inserted one into his tummy. He went to bed feeling a little dejected. I told him that we will try a few more times before we make any decisions on whether we keep using it or not. I just wanted to cry.

Our mini-med rep. told us in the beginning that it was a four sensor learning curve. I do believe that it will be easier the next time now that we have a strategy of how we want to get the sensor in there.

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